Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Textiles:
3110G and 3110W Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Cloth
3120 Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Tape
3130 Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope
3140 Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Square Braid Rope
3150 Ceratex Ceramic Fiber Round Braid Rope
3160 Sleeve
Premium Grade Fiberglass Tape: PG320; PG650; PG1250; PG2500
Premium Grade Fiberglass Tape with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: PG320PSA; PG650PSA; PG1250PSA; PG2500PSA
Flamegard silicone rubber coated fiberglass tubing MMF
Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape: IG650 and IG650PSA; IG1250
Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:  IG1250PSA
Tetraglas Premium Grade Fiberglass Tape:
T1000P; T1000D Plain & Drop Warp 1/16" .063" /  1/8"  .125"  /  1/4"  .250" Thick
Tetraglas Premium Grade Fiberglass Tape with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA):
T1000A; T1000AD Plain & Drop Warp with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 1/16" .063" /  1/8"  .125"  /  1/4"  .250"  Thick
Kovertec Plastic Spiral Abrasion Resistant: PSA
Shiltek-LG Fire Resistant Sleeve SHL-LG
Tetraglas Premium Grade Fiberglass Tape with Vermiculite Coating:
T1500P; T1500D Plain & Drop Warp with Vermiculite Coating  T1500P; T1500D Plain & Drop Warp 1/16" .063"  /  1/8" .125"  /  1/4" .250" Thick
Silco Sleeve Braid & Knit Aero Industrial FireSleeve S-E13170, S-E13610, S-E15580
ColeFlex Cole-Pak Self Fusing "No Heat" Silicone Tape TYT200-1
Silco Tape Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass  T-201601-00   T-203201-00   T-204801-00   T-206401-00   T-208001-00
Silco Rope  T-E15000
Silco End Seal Tape  J115000
Silco Shield Fire Blanket  J-136000-00-00
Knitted Fiberglass Rope - Soft  R-10XXXX-00-00  Knitted Fiberglass Rope - Dense  R-10XXXX-00-00
Knitted Fiberglass Plain Tape  F-20XXXX-00-00  Knitted Fiberglass Bolt-Hole Tape  F-21XXXX-00-00
Knitted Fiberglass Sleeve  F-E14560-XX  Braided Fiberglass Sleeve F-E16800-XX
Braided Fiberglass Sleeve Heat Treated  F-E13390-XX
Braided Fiberglass Saturated Sleeve F-E13400-XX
SAE AS1072 Silicone Rubber Coated Braided Fiberglass Firesleeve: AS1072-XX-SIL-FG
MOX 600 R Series Rectangular Tape
MOX 600 T Series Triangular Tape
FireTech Sleeve 622620 FTS: Wire Cable Conduit Protection
Thermotubix Aero Industrial Sleeve:   AS1072 Aero sleeve with NATO / NSN Number & Industrial
Parker FS-F Firesleeve FS-F-10 Through FS-F-40
Texcel Silicone Rubber Sheeting Texcel SIL50 SIL60 SIL70
Silicone Self-Fusing Electrical Tapes
Fiberglass Tapes - Plain, Bolt-Hole, Drop-Warp; also available with PSA - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Safeplast Safe-Spiral Hose Cable Protector Spiral Wrap
Dixon Fire Jacket for Hose
Pyrotex Firesleeve
Vulko-Wrap Self-Vulcanizing Insulating Wrap: PN 98412, 98512, 98412BK, 98512BK, 18412
AVS Silica Sleeve - Tape - Rope - Fabric AVSIL
Argweld BT0001 BT0002 BTX0004 BT0003 Tape
Marinco Nicro Solar Vent Replacement Battery N20790 West Marine Part Number 297534
Marine Ropes - Polyester - Nylon - Kevlar
Band-it Jr Smooth ID Clamps - 201 & 316 Stainless Steel and Galvanized Carbon Steel
McMaster-Carr® Spark-Resistant Tube Sleeving 8772K
McMaster-Carr® Abrasion-Resistant Spark-Resistant Tube Sleeving 6172T
McMaster-Carr® Spark-Resistant Wrap-Around Sleeving 8266K
General Dynamics LS1124061 Insulation Sleeve
Hiprojacket flame resistant sleeve
Thermojacket S - Saturated Fiberglass Sleeving Bentley-Harris Federal Mogul
Insuldynamic Aerostyle Fire Proof Sleeve
Levelwrap, MOX-Tape, Rapid-Bond and Moxness
VIDAFLEX S550 Silicone Coated Glass Sleeving SRGU
RYCO FS1072 Firesleeve
Suburban Sidewinder Sleeve
1050 Ballistic Nylon
5601 sleeve
Weld Shield - WS 24B-60
40 HDA Heavy Duty Abrasion
Black Poly
Federal Mogul Bentley Harris Therm-L-Wrap 66 / ReflexWrap 1466